Keep on Keepin’ on

That phrase “we all have our days” can apply to all of us. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, little things start to get on your last nerve, your heart may beat a little faster than you want it to, you don’t feel yourself, you can’t take a full breath, you don’t know where your motivation went, productivity seems foreign to you.

But what happens when you start to have too many of those days? When you feel like you’re not yourself, or you feel like you’ve lost your way a little bit. You go back to your roots, to what got you to where you are today. Is that experiencing pure joy from binging Netflix? Is that going to the gym until all your energy is released? Is that studying or sitting in a coffeeshop reading? Is that taking care of and loving your pets to no end? Is that laying in a grass field staring blankly at the sky? Is that digging for new music? Is that driving and getting lost, just to find your way back home? Is that climbing mountains and hiking? Is that playing a certain sport? Is that running to your heart’s content? Is that writing love letters to your significant other? Is that cooking or baking? Is that spending as much time with friends as you can? Is that shopping? Is that volunteering? Is that having a movie marathon? Is that spending quality time with family? Is that going to church? Is that traveling?

When you feel like life is running you, rather than you running it, it’s time to go back to basics. Take a moment and reflect on the things that make you feel the most alive. On those things that make you want to live until you’re 100 years old, because of the pure joy and zest they give you. Then, do everything in your power to make them a priority in your life. When the excuses slide into your mind, push them right back out with every bit of strength in your body. Your mind may start to wander and you may say, “what’s the point?” or “why do I even need to do this?” The point is that there is no point. You don’t have to find a point to be happy. You just do it because it feels good, and it makes life seem better. You do it because you don’t deserve to have one too many “days.”


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