When Taking Care of Yourself Becomes a Part of Your Routine

Why do you brush your teeth, scroll on your phone in bed, walk your dog, make your bed, shower, read the newspaper, watch the news, or drink coffee in the morning? Because, most often, it’s good for you and/or makes you feel good. What else will make you feel good? Exercise and moving your body.

Taking care of your body and mind is no easy feat to begin with. So when you add on school, work, family, parties, friends, and every other commitment known to the imagination, it can be even harder.

For years, working out and exercising in the morning has become a part of my routine. I can’t remember a day that I’ve gone without it. Just like many get through their day high off the buzz of caffeine from a cup of joe, I get mine from the boundless buzz of endorphins post-sweat sesh. After starting to recently drink coffee in the last month or so (thanks, SoulCycle opening shifts – aka 5:00AM alarms!), I still believe in the power of endorphins over any other stimulant. Best case scenario? Coffee AND endorphins 🙂

I know it’s hard to find the motivation. I know it’s hard to get up when (what feels like) the rest of the world is sleeping. I know it’s scary to commit to yourself. I know it’s hard to be moving before the sun even rises. But, you have every power to incorporate health, fitness, and wellness into your daily routine. You just need to begin using it.

When taking care of yourself (exercise, in particular) becomes a part of your routine, it feels like less of a chore and more of an enjoyment that exudes satisfaction, strength and confidence. Feeling the feelings of physical strength and achievement before you go forth with your crazy, jam-packed day provides you with the confidence to tackle those obstacles, one at a time.

It’s obvious that we’re supposed to be “healthy,” whatever that means nowadays.

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