Far from your average, but yet so relatable. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Eliza is a college student that thrives on fueling to sweat, sweating to live, and living to eat. Beginning at age 14, she dealt with an eating disorder that eventually turned into years of touch and go self-doubt and body shaming. What started out as a quest to connect with other fit foodies and find solutions for new food allergies had quickly turned into a hobby and whole lifestyle for Eliza. Between a passion for health and fitness and a quest for happiness and truth, she loves everything wellness. She hopes to conquer and explore this beautiful and crazy life all while connecting with you.


Fresh Air – Popcorn – SoulCycle – Second Chances – Sunshine – Lululemon – Brunch – Sia – Tears – Travel – Independence – Grey’s Anatomy – Strength Training – Hot Showers – Baggy Sweaters – Almond Butter – Sunday Morning Runs – Journalism – Dark Chocolate – Driving – Early Mornings – Foam Rolling – Tennis – Low FODMAP Diet – Lorde – Integrity – Adventure – Hydration


Stress – Judgment – Lack of Sleep – Cold Feet – Cottage Cheese – Tight Clothes – Gluten (allergy!) – People Pleasers – Hypocrisy – Soda – Humidity – Body Shaming – Taylor Swift Haters – Sleeping in Socks – Distracted Drivers – Winter Darkness – Smoking – Traffic – Impatience – Peer Pressure – Mental Health Stigmas – Rainy Days – Fruity Shampoos – Disrespect – Country Music


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