Nix the Numbers

Numbers - they're everywhere. Grades, calories eaten, weight, sizes, miles run, calories burned, likes, comments, followers, sexual partners, boyfriends, carbs, acceptance rates, income, GPA, and number of friends. The list tirelessly goes on. I used to be a numbers gal. I obsessed over calories eaten. I worried about my GPA. I hovered over the scale. … Continue reading Nix the Numbers

What’s Holding You Back From an Endorphin High?

Endorphins. So many of you love to hate them, and hate to love them. The sole thought of exercise can make your legs numb and your minds freeze. But why are you so intimated? What's holding you back? Because I was raised in an active family, exercise has become a daily routine for me. I … Continue reading What’s Holding You Back From an Endorphin High?