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    What is Health?

    Health isn’t linear. It’s a harmony. It changes every day 🔄 Some days you need more water, others you need more sleep. Some days you need more food, others may give you a small appetite. Some days you need all the self care, others you’re selfless + give your love away. Some days laughter is your medicine, others food is your medicine. Some days you can move mountains, others feel like your legs are boulders.
    We get so caught up in this perfection & obsession with being a single word: healthy. Healthy comes in SO many different ways, shapes & forms, both physically & mentally, so there’s nothing that truly defines it. It’s one of those things that clings on to the cliche: it’s not about the final destination, it’s about the journey and how you get there.
    A healthy lifestyle is one that you can maintain an unspoken balance between your physical, emotional & mental health. It’s when you can focus on the importance of your physical health without compromising your mental health. It’s absolutely NOT just physical and based on fitness, food & appearance. But equally just about how you think, how you act, how informed you are about what you’re consuming + how you love yourself + others around you. Healthy is what you want it to be.

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